About Us

India is home to some of the most fascinating wildlife in the world. The rugged ravines and savaging jungles attract thousands of wildlife enthusiast to our country. A spectacular species of birds, venomous creatures and fiercest of mammals are an obsession for serious wildlife lovers. They look forward to watch and click them in their natural habitat. We, at Wildlife Explorer India, ensure that the rendezvous between you and Indian Wildlife becomes a truly remarkable experience.


Wildlife Explorer India was a result of lifelong love for nature and wildlife. Our professional team comprises of experienced naturalists and serious wildlife enthusiasts who cater to every aspect of all your travel needs. The brain behind the company, Balvinder Singh (Bali) is himself a wildlife enthusiast. He has travelled extensively in his quest for knowledge and experience about all aspects of wildlife. He is a passionate man with apparent love for nature, wildlife and photography. It was his obsession with animals that made him leave his job and choose a career in wildlife tourism. He has led many British, French and other groups into the wilderness of India and his passion seems to evolve and grow with time. As a Naturalist, Bali knows that wildlife and its habitat cannot speak. Hence it is his duty to protect them in all possible ways. He understands the fact that we live on a fragile planet and we need to conserve if we wish to take wildlife tourism to the next decade. Hence, Wildlife Explorer follows the guidelines of eco tourism. All our wildlife safaris in India are planned keeping in mind the vulnerability of our environment and the diverse flora and fauna.


We also organize specialized photography and birding tours in India. Our team regularly works with award winning photographers to ensure interesting photography opportunities to our clients. All our wildlife tours in India are available at competitive prices and the best of facilities. We guarantee a unique and stimulating holiday to the wildlife lover in you. So take a plunge and book that thrilling wildlife safari trip to India. We look forward to welcoming you in our land.



Balvinder Singh (Bali), founder of Wildlife Explorer India, is a wildlife enthusiast & photographer, who worked as safari guide and accompanied groups as tour leader. He travels extensively in his quest to discover the wonders and wilderness of Indian wildlife across India, and follows his passion for nature and photography. He loves being in the nature and shares his experience and knowledge with his clients who have been mainly American and British – groups and individuals.


Bali is an award winning guide & leader, and in 2010 he was nominated by Wanderlust magazine as one of the top ten leaders worldwide. He has a wide range of experience from leading groups to supplying logistical support which has given him insight into the varied needs of tourists. Having visited and explored wild destinations, he has great knowledge in wildlife sector, and has designed intelligent itineraries, ensuring to offer the finest wildlife encounters.



His contacts with hoteliers, local guides, safari drivers and with other service providers, nurtured over many years, which means exceptional service for all his guests. Being expert in tailor-made trips, Bali handles your query and offers you an enthralling holiday, with opportunities to see the wildlife in its natural habitat. Balvinder is a keen photographer and many of the images you see on the website of natural world and wild destinations are theirs. Being active member of TOFTigers, we strongly believe in promoting responsible tourism and also support local conservation projects in some of India’s inspiring wildlife destinations. We look forward to welcoming you in India on a Tour with Wildlife Explorer India, experiencing a unique, diverse and stimulating holiday at excellent value.


Why Us

This wildlife company was formed from the passion and enthusiasm for nature and adventure in wild places including independent travel experiences in birding and photography. Jungle safaris as well as adventure tours, having incredible wildlife and wilderness experiences available in the natural world, are undoubtedly the area we specialize in. Most of our programs focus primarily on wildlife tours and nature photography tours that are led under the expert leadership of our in-house Tour Leaders. Exploring the wilderness of Indian Wildlife with WEI Holidays guarantees you a fascinating wildlife holiday having extraordinary wilderness experiences along with innovative and competent services.


We know from experience that there is nothing like a professional safari guides to enhance your understanding and enrich your knowledge of the wild places. A specialist guide with a well-developed knowledge of mammals, birds and plants, is the key to locating what you wish to see in a jungle. Our experienced and professional tour leaders have practical knowledge of wild sectors as they all have lived and explored all the wildlife destinations in India. They have guided many tours across India, providing best services at all times and ensuring that the clients get the best wildlife experience during safaris.


Having led groups as guides across India, we have good experience & knowledge of travel industry which allows us to create journey of a lifetime. Along with our professional leaders and guides, backed by experienced office staff, we are wildlife travel experts, having great skills and expertise in tailor-made trips. WEI Holidays team shares the same passion for travel and adventure, and works closely together to create customised circuits for couples, families and private groups. With the help of our experienced and knowledgeable wildlife specialist team, we design diverse programs and bring them to fruition through our calibre and professionalism.


We use creative and dynamic thinking along with your unique ideas to design tailor-made holidays and to create private jungle safaris and small group tours. We design your dream holiday focusing on the best wildlife and wilderness experiences in India and always make sure that we deliver what we commit. We put you in the heart of the wild places so that you get to have personal encounters with the Wildlife in its natural habitat. We assuredly relish the opportunity to design your tour itinerary and to offer you a safe, enjoyable and informative wildlife tours with highly personalised service.

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